The history behind this story

“In chaos theory, the butterfly effect is the sensitive dependence on initial conditions in which a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state”. (1)

On August 10, 2020, I posted a comment on my Facebook page about a national government measure entitled “Subsidies for All”.

As so often, the reactions of other users were not long in coming. Among them a very good friend of mine named Gustavo P. who posted the link to an article in La Revista Norte. The title: Desperate statement of the Wichí chief: “Our pandemic is hunger and malnutrition“. These were the words of Chief Modesto Rojas.

I was so surprised that I looked for information about Modesto Rojas. I wanted to be sure that the statement was authentic and came from a real representative of the Wichí communities. Not only did I find information, but under an article in an Uruguayan newspaper I even found Modesto Rojas’ cell phone number.

I did not hesitate for a moment and sent him a voice message in which I introduced myself, expressed my solidarity and asked him to give me more information about him and the current situation of his people. After a few minutes, his voice on my WhatsApp thanked me for my interest and gave me concrete information. That same afternoon, the exchange of audio messages led to a phone call. I think the initial empathy was mutual, and after we talked for almost an hour, I told him that I would like to help.

My first move was to send him a small financial aid that would allow him to alleviate very basic problems of some of the weakest members of his community. Of course I was aware that this in itself was not a solution, but I hoped that the action would show Modesto Rojas that his request for help would be heard and taken seriously even in places thousands of kilometers away (in this case in Emsdetten, Germany).

Our talks continued and my interest in the Wichí increased. And I thought about how I could help this community. Modesto Rojas and I discussed the first ideas and the plan to form and promote them on this new site, to reach people all over the world and help a community that will be quickly forgotten – not only in times of pandemic.
Thank you very much.
Pablo A. Churin
August 22nd, 2020

From Germany: Pablo and Kathrin – In Argentine: Modesto Rojas

Chief Modesto Rojas sent me this beautiful message shortly after our first conversations. He asked me to share his thanks for this project on this site: